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PPP-5091-K-4 #1

Remote Steering And Body Lift Kit


In Stock

Remote Hydraulic Kit For Both Body Lift And Steering. This Kit Is For A NON-LOAD Reaction Steering Valve. Includes Wiring And Plumbing Schematic



Remote Steering Kit With Non-Load Reaction Steering Valve

This kit can be added on to an existing 12 volt hydraulic steering system.  You can control the body lift and steering with a toggle switch.

This kit ties into an existing 12 volt hydraulic system to add in toggle switch control of the hydraulic solenoid valves.

This is a non load reaction unit (wheels do not return to center without manually turning the steering wheel) and can be used with all cylinder types. If you have a single rod (unbalanced) cylinder this is the style you should buy, but it will also work in double rod/cylinder applications where a return to center effect and road feedback is not desired.


This kit includes the hydraulic solenoid (2), valve, a four relay panel, hydraulic fittings (7), O-Ring fittings (2), SPDT switches (2) and rubber boots for the switches.

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